September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Poppy

 Happy Birthday Poppy-the-Barbarian!
For my Gelato-eating friend (as opposed to my not-able-to-eat-Gelato friend), that is a container of *chocolate* gelato.  It is very good.  The cake was a marble cheesecake brownie... with nuts... it seemed appropriate given the birthday girl! :)
We were off to the corn maze for our monthly homeschooling field trip with our homeschooling group.  (this is not that homeschooling group... these are just my kids haha)
 Updates from last year's Maze.  They updated the slides!

 Yes.... there are children inside...
 Frodo and his friend, my bread fan

 A bouncy house.
 Not sure why this is out of order. but here we will back up a couple days to show that Marigold has a wee tuft of hair that can hold a bow! This is a first.  She is almost bald again but the tuft has stayed. Always a first.
 Back at the corn maze this is the graph drawing. This year the maze was Icarus.  A good story from Greek Mythology to teach why children should listen to their parents :)  I guess this was one of the hardest ones they have done in many years.  Our fastest group made it through in an amazing 17 minutes.  I didn't go through since I still had 3 littles to tend to but I'm sure I'd have been on the slow train.
 This is the arial view.
 To begin you receive 1/8th of the map, by following the trails you are *suppose* to find the next mailbox and get the next 1/8th of the maze.  And so on and so forth. There are also secret punches throughout the maze.

 I was afraid of this.... Poppy is going to be a football player some day.  Most likely professional.

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  1. You go little Poppy-girlfriend! Gelato lovers unite! Happiest of Birthdays!