February 22, 2012

Continued Prayers

Please continue to pray and sacrifice for Vickie and her pre-born baby.  It's been a week of intense and constant suffering and sacrifice.  Something the world cannot comprehend... sacrifice... but I bet alot of you can.   So please remember them as well as her husband, I can imagine how worn and spent they are.  I know what it is to completely rely on others' prayers, when your own prayers just don't come, when your mind and heart are blank and you just live on unseeing.  It's our turn to cover this beautiful family in prayer.  Now, I know I have some pretty amazing (or at least one amazing) prayer warrior(s) out there because whenever I ask, I get results...  So thank you once again for your prayers. And may God bless you for them.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, protect this baby and his/her beautiful mother!

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