February 25, 2012


 We were blessed with being able to go on a ski outing this past week.  You can imagine that skiing for my family is rather prohibitive.... do the math.  But once a year, well this is only our second time going, we get to tag along at a reasonable rate.... even for our size family.
 A friend of my girls
 Eleanor, Merry and Pippin were new to the ski hill this year, so they were able to take a lesson which was included.
 Rosie and up all said no thanks to the lessons.  Afterall, they had skied once before.
 Another friend.
 Gearing up to go.
 Some of the girls' friends took some lessons with the bigger kids group.
 I ran the daycare inside, since I still had 3 non-skiers.  Though Poppy and Bilbo did ask perpetually, "Kiy go kiing?" 
 The bunny hill had this neat flat escalator like you'd have in the airport in Chicago for getting places faster.  Unlike when I was growing up, when we had a rope tow or t-bar.
 Let's just say at the beginning of the day Pippin was all arms and legs, and he had at least 8 of each.
 This was his best pose at 10am by noon he was on his own. 
 Eleanor did a little better.
 I don't know why when I saw this picture I started singing a Beach Boys song. 

 The sons of a friend of mine were helping teach the kids which was great as they are just great boys.
 So here I am... yes, I went skiing.  I actually grew up skiing.  We were blessed to go on any number of extravagant ski trips when I was growing up so yes, I could ski quite well.  However, it had been 17 years since I last skied.
 You don't want to know how much food I brought... you never know when an army will come around.  Someone did ask me if I brought the entire kitchen.  Why yes.... I had to bring both lunch and dinner...  :D

 I feel a song coming on... "I love you baby..." I dont' remember the rest of the song so I hope it isn't inappropriate but that is all that I meant anyway haha
 So, why did we brush his hair?  I'm glad none of the priests saw this.   haha.. sorry, gotta know our priests.
 I had taking 2 runs on the bunny hill and took a break, afterall it was about 10 miles walking to the bunny hill.  So I went out again and just as I got out the door Eowyn and Rosie hollered, "Hey mommy! Come with us!" 
 It was about now that I remembered I don't like heights. 
 My daycare.
 Some of the boys
 The trails.
 A couple of the girls
 The day had been about 45 degrees.  Oddly on our way home is when it started to snow. It was the slipperiest snow, I felt like I was driving on banana peels.
The End.

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  1. Jealous. I love skiing, but I had another knee surgery this year, so it's out for this year at least.

    Looks like lots of fun. Glad you got to go.