February 13, 2012

Sexagesima Sunday

If you attend the TLM, no doubt you know the Latin word "perículis" by this point - perils.  Funny we are getting closer to Lent and reflecting on the perils of St. Paul.  It kinda makes our bad days look like a walk in the park.  We are down to 1-1/2 weeks until Ash Wednesday (well, by the time I got this posted it really was only 1  week.)  Are you ready?

That is... are you ready to sow some good seed, as we read about in the Gospel?
What are you going to read?
What are you going to give up?
What are you going to purge within your soul?
How are you going to grow in grace?
How are you going to strive to become a better person in some way?
How are you going to make room in your heart for God work in the seed of grace and let his love grow?
If the answer is and all around "I dunno", that's not the right answer! :D
Just pick a few things, one for the mind, one for the heart/soul and one for the body.
Without the 40 days in the desert, without the cross, without the crucifixion, there is no Resurrection.  Come on... let's go it together.  Times-a-tickin'.

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