February 3, 2012


During Mass this morning Pippin was really good, following along nicely in this lovely little missal with beautiful pictures. Suddenly he turned to me and whispers "Mommy, can saints take their hay-looms off?"  

After Communion, I explained to him that we would be going up to get his throat blessed with 2 candles at his throat, "Will they be lit?"

Ok, that's funny.... I didn't even notice the candles in the St. Blaise picture are lit until after I posted... haha  ...


  1. Once my siblings and I refused to go up and get our throats blessed out of fear that our hair was going to catch on fire. As a good mother will do, to avoid a scene and still get her point across, my mother dragged us back to church for the next Mass and made us do it then...after a little sermonette on obedience, of course.

  2. We made it to Mass for the Blessing of Throats this year. We missed one year recently, I can't remember why. I was chastised by our priest. "I actually have a Blaise in my parish and you didn't bring him to Mass on his feast day??!!" ...Won't make that mistake again! LOL