February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Eleanor

 Happy 9th Birthday, Eleanor!  NINE!!!
 Brownie Sundaes was (were?) the birthday cake (cakes?)

 And she requested fish sticks ☻... I shudder to imagine what my more granola type friends are thinking now. Yes, we had fish sticks... yes, they were gross.... yes, someone is likely to request them again... yes they dipped them in miracle whip....  Bless me Father for I have  served fish sticks...
 Now, I wonder why they didn't think of this kind of ice cream scoop before this decade.  I mean the rounded end just doesn't cut it... but this... now this is a real ice cream scoop and works great.

oooooooooooh she is just soooooooooooo delectibibble.

 I admit we need to work on our brownie sunday making.... that is a room-temperature-fudge sundae.   (hot fudge would have indicated doing a little work to make it ummmm... hot ).  It's all about taste... not the presentation..... ummm right? 

Marigold's got it all down... she does not like fish sticks (good girl), she does not like french fries (it's alright dearie), she... um... loved ice cream and.... um.... spray whip cream.  
..... which reminds me of a conversation I heard today, that in some schools they have gone through children's lunches and if it doesn't fit the food pyramid to their satisfaction they will be forced to eat the lunch served by said school. (is that a good thing?)  My only comment was I'm likely to be in prison soon, everyone else thought they would be too.  At least the conversation will be good.  I wonder which I'll look better in black/white stripes or blaze orange? 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jacinta!!! She looks adorable in the hat! :)