February 19, 2012

This and That

 Since we are both sick of *stuff*, we decided for birthday/Baptism days we'd take the kids out to eat on their day. That's my kind of gift, eat it and it is gone.  No stuff to clean up... by me.  This time it was Eleanor's turn for her birth/Baptism day meal.
 She chose the Hu-Hot, probably mostly out of curiosity rather than a love of Mongolian food.
 Pick out your meat:  chicken, beef, pork, spicy sausage, bland sausage and/or crabmeat-product-of-sorts.... one week there was also shark... yes, I said shark.
 Then you pick out your noodles and veggies followed by sauces.  I like mine sweet and spicy... I know, just like me.... minus the sweet.  So I will go with the Not-so-sweet and sour sauce, teriyaki and the 5 flame hot sauce plus garlic oil and a tad of soy sauce. I also like to eat mine rolled up in a tortilla. I know it's like chinese food rolled up in a tortilla.... I never said there was sense to the meal.

Then they cook it up for you right there. I feel like these are my friends. We see them fairly often.  They are really good at flipping the spatulas in the air.... when it's not too busy.  (not meaning that they are bad at it when it is crowded, they just are too busy to bother)
 We got home and a while later Sam came bursting into the house telling me to come watch them driving in the fields.  After being very politely invited to take a ride in the truck with Galadriel at the wheel I rather curtly replied "No thank you."  I watched for a few minutes as I noticed that the deep end of the genetic pool was from my husband's side.  I recall 17 years ago finding myself experiencing a "donut" in the parking lot next to a restraunt. I never quite got over the experience.

 After losing interest in a dirty truck sliding in a corn field I decided to go for a walk.... not to mention, there is the Hu-Hot to walk off.  As you can see, I have this thing for odd boots ( shoes and socks). By "odd" I mean stripe and polka dot odd, not platform shoes type odd. There is a difference.

 Have you ever tried to get your rubber boots out of muck?

There is really no reason for this picture except that I thought about climbing over the fence to avoid getting splattered or picked up by crazy people in a very dirty truck.
 Hi Sweetie!
 Cleaning off the truck.
 Total cuteness!
 Um, couldn't this pop a tire?
 I kid you not... this is Galadriel's bike.  Since she is our best and fastest biker I think that she really should get a better one. Can you believe this?!  The 1940's Wizard of Oz witch bike.
I received this picture in my in-box from Aragorn. I told him I see that he is still trying to impress me. haha

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