February 2, 2012

Typically Weird Stuff

Marigold's Crawl
There should be a prize for this frog crawl!  (Excuse the broom on the floor! *blush*)  She can also sit on her behind and swivvel around in a complete circle by moving her legs around.  Impossible to explain... I'll have to see if I can get another video.

 So Aragorn wanted to try some Limberger cheese.  Everyone tried some.  The feedback was unanimous.
 Frodo had heard that if you plug your nose you can't taste it.  Then he hollered out, "It doesn't work!"  Sam opted to put his in his burger to prolong the agony. 
 To get some of the left-over Christmas candy you had to "eat what you are served" which was all of a strip of Limberger about the size of 1/3 a stick of gum.  I think there were alot of souls saved that day.
 Marigold discovered the tissue box.
And... a screwdriver?  Nothing is safe any more as she frog hops crawls and gets where she wants to go.... fast.... pulls herself up to standing.... clears off the coffee table and end tables when given the chance.  This is why God made babies so doggone cute!  (incidentally she does not have a mohawk)

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