February 13, 2012

Name That Bird

Ok, bird experts, I saw this bird perched on this sign across from our driveway as we were leaving for the 2nd time to go grocery shopping (I say 2nd time because whenever Eowyn goes with me we always have to leave a second time because we forgot the checkbook)... anywho... can you name that bird?  I thought at first it was a young eagle (older than an eaglet but younger than an adolescent).  Then I thought a hawk but it does't seem pin-headed enogh for that. 

Pippin:  Mommy, I love you because you are going to take me with you to pick up the boys at trumpet. 
Mommy:  Would you love me if I didn't take you?
Pippin:  Oh yes, because you have a nice face.

1 comment:

  1. in that picture it just looks like a crow