February 11, 2012

Regular ol' Chaos

The worst amazing part is that they thought they thought they were ready for Mass.
 Some day we'll get that shoe-tying.
 Poppy did the head band all by herself and was very proud of it, until I got the camera and said, "Say cheese!"  Not insinuating that she has a mind of her own or anything like that.
 Oh... so.... pretty... Poppy.
 Um... enough already.
 Not sure if this was a day of the crankies or what. 
 Sam did an awesome job on the ceiling and guess what!!!! We only have 1 small section of scaffolding in the loft.  The ceiling is almost done, just needs a little trim and then a few small sections on the sides.  YAY.
 This little piggie went to piggie school.
And if you are wondering why a portion of our school is in the living room, that's because the scaffolding was in the loft and one day I had had enough of tripping and bonking my head and squeezing in the desk while nursing the baby and listening to 2 reading lessons at once.  This week we will move back upstairs.... yay!
Brotherly love... or something like that.

On a miraculous note, Fr. Pedro is doing amazingly well!  Hopefully he'll be able to go home very soon if you can believe that!!  Please continue to pray for him and to thank God for this amazing blessing!

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