February 3, 2012


 Oh yuck Marigold!  Incidentally, this seat in which Marigold is sitting in the toddler-trolley-cart is no longer considered a baby seat, it is "for merchandise only".  Really?  I mean really, a baby can't be 3 feet from its mother?!  It would be a totally different system of government if a mother of 11 were behind the desk.
 Our cart was on body-overload. 
I used to take the oldest 4 out shopping all the time.  Once I hit the 5th child I discovered mail order... thankfully.  But today I had a couple hours to kill with the 4 youngest.  We needed a couple things at Target.  Perhaps I shouldn't have said "needed".
 "Needed" because Pippin informed me that Daddy really would want these... 2-1/2 gallons of cheese balls.  ("Cheeseballs, definitely cheese balls"  I'm surprised he didn't ask for some toothpicks to eat them with. haha  Rainman cracked me up... back in the day...)
I was soooo disappointed no one asked me if these 4 were allllll mine.  Sooooo disappointed, I was just dying to say "Yes, these are the 4 youngest... the other 7.................."  I love it.  I love the return stupid stupefied look, it makes me giddy all over.  But I had no such opportunity.  It might be that people were afraid to approach a woman with 4 children.... :D 
 When we got back to our desination to pick up the remaining 7, Pippin suddenly shouted out, "Who's that man stealing all that stuff?"
That would be St. Vincent de Paul.  *chuckle*

PS:  February 4th.... I was informed.... is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day


  1. That crawl is a classic. And the cheeseballs - too funny. Maybe he needed them to get the Limberger cheese taste out of his mouth!!!

  2. Your blog posts make me laugh so much. Love the cheeseballs. Love the desire to cause stupefied looks. Love that thief, St. Vincent . . .